What’s Chapping My Ass

Good day to you. It’s April 28, 2021 and here is what’s chapping my ass. What is rubbing me the wrong way, if you will. Here’s what I’m bitching about.

Joe Biden Speaks to Congress

Joe Biden will be speaking to Congress tonight. I’ll watch just because of the need to be in the know of all the big political goings on. I have every reason to believe his speech will be total and complete bullshit. This bullshit will be lauded by the mainstream media. No matter what comes out of his mouth they will call it “noble” or “brave” or “daring.” Not sure what the exact verbiage will be; I wasn’t on the conference call where they decide how to frame the media’s response.

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Note to self: Invent game where TLP people try to guess what media will say to describe Biden speech BEFORE speech. Winner gets a t-shirt or something.

Oh! And I wasn’t joking about the conference call about media being told how to frame the narrative. That must really happen. Back to Biden and the speech.

Here’s something that deserves to be said: Joe Biden is a professional politician. He’s not a unifier. He doesn’t bring people together. He never will. Joe Biden has one job and it’s the same one he’s had since the 1970’s: Get re-elected. He’s never built shit. He hasn’t unified dick. He lies and lies in the hopes he can stay in power. Anyone waiting for Biden to unify the country is an idiot. Moving on.

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The Border Crisis

Here’s the question no one is asking: “How do we stop the border crisis?” There are tons of pictures…tons of disturbing statistics…tons of people arguing about whether to call it a crisis or not…I’m done with all that.

How do we shut down the border? That’s the only question. How do we stop the drugs and the people? Isn’t there a pandemic? What kind of government tells its own citizens when they can open their business because Covid is so scary…then lets illegal aliens cross the border into America potentially bringing the virus with them? That is a failure of epic proportions.

Let that one sit and marinate. The people in the White House are telling you that you can’t work because of the danger…then letting more danger into the country every minute. That should destroy whatever faith you ever had in these hypocrites. They have failed the people they are supposed to represent.

Feds Raid Rudy Giuliani

As I write this the news broke that the feds raided Rudy Giuliani’s apartment. Funny how fast the feds move when they want to. Do you recall the feds raiding Hunter Biden’s place? Hmmm, we must’ve missed that one.

The FBI started an investigation into Hunter back in 2018…they decided to BEGIN interviews in late December 2020…. Can you say “slow walking”? Oh! And how’s that Durham investigation coming? Anything? Bueller? Bueller?

Post Office Spying

All of these things are very disturbing and worth your attention. I’m hesitant to post this kind of thing on social media because the Post Office might not like it. Yeah…in case you missed it, the Post Office is actively spying on what you say online…because they got the extra time and resources.

Oh…they still riot in Portland. Defunding the police is still a thing. Just FYI.

We got problems people.

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