When Do We Actually DO Something about the Border?

This one is driving me bonkers. When do we actually do something about the border? When do we as a nation decide enough is enough. When do we admit that the government has failed to protect its citizens? Personally, I came to the realization weeks ago. The situation at the southern border is madness.

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We can point out the hypocrisy in the news coverage all day long and six times on Sunday. We can point the finger at the Biden administration and relentlessly chide them for not calling it a crisis. We can ask when Kamala Harris will get involved. We can have every member of congress go down to the border and talk to border patrol agents. Guess what?

While all that goes on, people are streaming into the country. We don’t know who they are. We don’t know if they have the Rona. We don’t know if they are smuggling drugs. We don’t know if they are terrorists.

Does anyone else see the problem here? Of course you do. It’s a big fucking problem. Not knowing what is going on and not being in control of your country’s border is a BIG ASS problem.

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The government has demonstrated they have no interest in solving the problem. Zero. So now what must we do? It feels like it’s time citizens get involved. We the people need to protect ourselves and our borders. What other solution is there? I’m open to suggestions. But aren’t you tired of the endless stream of coverage of people just crossing into our country while the government does nothing? It’s madness.

The government has failed. Getting video of the failure isn’t working. Pointing out the hypocrisy isn’t working. When the government fails in its basic duty, it’s up to the citizens. Again, I’m open to suggestions but I’m all done waiting. Aren’t you?

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