Insane Video: Failed Cash-In-Transit Heist

This is who you want driving your armored car. This guy. Absolute ice in his veins! Check out this insane video of a failed cash-in- transit heist.

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Multiple shots fired. Just could have devolved into total mayhem, but the dude behind the wheel and his partner are unflappable. Good for them!

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2 comments on “Insane Video: Failed Cash-In-Transit Heist

  1. Joseph Teper says:

    So what happened when the armored car driver got out of the vehicle with his long gun?

    Also I’m a little surprised no one seems to have made the connection between that Biden appointee who said if there’s no gas available, then go out and get an electric car with……the infamous “Let ’em eat cake!”

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      That’s what I’d like to know too. Have to assume the attack was over and everything was cool. That driver was one level headed mofo! That was some Mad Max shit! LOL

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