Remember that time Egypt was subject to ten plagues? Notice that locusts got their very own day?

There’s a reason for that. They’re a swarming animal that ravages everything in its path. People dreaded their coming as their arrival could ruin your life.

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Which brings us to today. This year the 17-year cycle brings the cicadas out of their dormant time under the ground and out in to the wild. And that brings out the fearsome swarm of (shudder) bug-eating journalists!

You awaken to find a swarm of journalists in the trees foraging for food.

As Bossman says in this video, there’s a craze mostly among journalists to chase the cicada and eat them.

Why? We don’t know. It seems that journos of a certain stripe want to make the whole world switch to insect “meat” for the environment. Maybe because these articles generate so many clicks, they all seem to be jumping on the bug-eating train.

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This summer stay safe and whatever you do, don’t let a journalist take you out to eat. I’ll leave you with the wisdom of Chef Andrew Gruel.

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