A Boy Named Sue Wants You to Make a Pour Decision


Can’t you just hear it now…the bongos banging, the showgirls shimmying and A Boy Named Sue shaking those magical hips under the bright lights of the Strip’s hottest new show: “Le Parte Loftus”?

Look out Tom Jones, because this beer raconteur is drawing accolades worthy of a Victoria Secret’s fire sale!

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Riveting! Sexy! Awe Inspiring! Sin City hasn’t seen a review this spectacular since Michael’s starring understudy role in the Thunder From Down Under…!

— Las Vegas Review-Journal

And when ya think quintessentially “Vegas baby…VEGAS!” (no-no, THANK YOU, Mr. Favreau and Mr. Vaughn…absolute legends), what comes to mind?

Well, obviously: 1) Hockey, 2) Aliens and 3) Beer. And let’s be honest, all 3 are some of A Boy Named Sue’s favorite things.

Vegas is a hockey town, and I’m absolutely stoked that it is! Let’s see: Hockey in the desert. First major pro sports franchise to make Vegas its home. Stanley Cup Final run in their inaugural season (Disney movie kind of stuff). Four years of franchise history…four straight years of playoffs. (2021 playoff favorite…that wagon looks GOOD!) Sick barn. Sick sweaters. Sick fans.

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Ummm…can anyone say Area 51…anyone? Anyone? (Cue the NSA.) But, yeah, they’re coming and they’re coming soon. UFOs or UAPs or OMGs or whatever we’re calling ‘em these days…they’re all the rage and have been the hot topic all over the news lately. Am I right or am I right?! Oh, they’re here. And Congress (which has never lied to us) has to tell us by the end of June. Enough said. But I’m just saying…if ya come in peace…I may or may not have a tasty cold one waiting for ya!

THE BELLY-UP GUIDE TO BEER: Chapter 5 by A Boy Named Sue

(Talking barley pop the way ya do when ya belly-up on a barstool.)

BARLEY POP #5: POUR DECISIONS Northeast-style Hazy Triple IPA (Revision Brewing Co. – Sparks, NV)

(Editor’s note/Self-glossed beer cognoscente’s prerogative: Ok-ok, “technically” Sparks, NV, is basically next door to Reno, not the bright lights of Las Vegas…but, as I so often do…I digress…without an ounce or a pint, for that matter, of humility.)

POUR DECISIONS is an 11% ABV Northeast-style Hazy Triple IPA that drinks dangerously easy and surprisingly refreshing for being a brew that hits like a power forward but pleases the senses like a showgirl. The richness of the hazy malt completely defines the body of this beer and how it swirls around one’s yapper. This beer tastes slightly sweet, slightly bitter and slightly tropical-ish fruity. Put ‘em all together and the synergy you get is out-of-this-world (get it)! It’s not an explosive beer on first sip, but rather it’s smooth, noticeable and a touch creamy with that trifecta mix of sweet-bitter-tropical making it a close encounter of the 3rd kind/first contact on the front part of the upper palette. Yet, when ya swallow it…pleasantly soft down the gullet. Quite the dichotomy from what you initially taste versus what you enjoy at the end. “Triple” = big boy ABV%.

Hazy/Northeast-style/New England-style (interchangeably used): What & why?? Simply put, the hazy style IPA was a soft, juicy and aromatic reaction and offset to the West Coast IPA that was dry, dank and an in-your-face-pucker-up-buttercup intergalactic ethos blast of “the more-bitter-the-better” IPA that became the hot beer to drink (and in my not-so-humble opinion, played out, palette destroying and overrated…but, as the vast legions of my loyal followers, err, readers recall…A Boy Named Sue is a malt guy, not a hop head). The haziness is primarily the result of the yeasts, malt grains and hops used in brewing.

Revision Brewing Co. went “showtime” in 2017, quickly becoming a hit in the beer world winning some pretty significant awards at the World Beer Cup (arguably the most prestigious beer competition in the world and which occurs only every other year) in Year 2. While styling in a 3-piece suit, A Boy Named Sue first delighted in a Revision beer while on a heater at the craps table in Vegas–it was a hazy single IPA–it was NOT a hazy single roll. It was love at first gulp, forever tying the knot between this guy and that brewery together in Vegas (some allege spotting them together at the iconic Little White Chapel in the wee hours of the morning). Revision does numerous different styles of beer, but, in my opinion, their wheelhouse is hazy, hazy, hazy (kinda like the end of my night whilst on that heater). Is it any coincidence that Revision Brewing and the Vegas Golden Knights both launched inaugural seasons in 2017 and quickly became the wagon organizations they are?! I think not.

My buddy, E.T., just reached out and phoned home. Oooh…could it finally be a “Prost” or “Skol” or “Cheers”???

Bummer, looks like you crapped out yet again. Drink up! Round 6 time!

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