Dirty Ditties — ZZ Top Edition

“Pearl Necklace” – If you’re the sensitive type, just enjoy the music and don’t ask about the lyrics.

No series named “Dirty Ditties” would be complete without naming ZZ Top. Those Texas blues-rockers never had a double-entendre they didn’t love.

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Founded and fronted by Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top was a well respected band that got their breakthrough in the early eighties with their album Afterburner and their hit “Sharp Dressed Man.” They even got a cameo in Back to the Future Part III. (Look for their signature long beards.)

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Along with their naughty gems, “Woke up with Wood” (gee, what could that mean?) and “Tube Snake Boogie,” is one that needs no introduction. Since The Loftus Party is a PG-13 site, if you need explanation, I’d recommend checking out Urban Dictionary.

5 comments on “Dirty Ditties — ZZ Top Edition

  1. Dave Giglio says:


    1. Cranky Gordon says:

      A good choice. Nothing double about it tho, right?

  2. desertbronze says:

    I was playing some ZZ Top on a road trip with the boys last year. My passenger pipes up, “Can you name a ZZ Top song that doesn’t have any sexual references?”

    None of us could name one. Still can’t. Which is another reason to love ZZ Top!

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      HA! That’s fantastic!

    2. Gordon says:

      It took me two days, but it finally came to me. TV dinners.

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