How Feminism Almost Destroyed One Woman’s Dream

Feminism is toxic. One woman found this out through experience. Red Pilled America tells the story of how Adryana Cortez, co-host of RPA, almost lost a lifelong dream to the ideology.

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This episode is a monstrously good one. It’s about more than feminism. It talks about some very destructive things that society told Gen X in general that it should, and should not, do regarding marriage and families.

For instance, if you’re Gen X, do you remember being told that being a stay-at-home mom is “embarrassing?” What about being told not to marry young and to hold off having a family so you can play the field? ‘Cause I sure remember society pounding both those things into our heads.

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So with that said, here’s the RPA intro to Episode 96: “ROAR.”

What’s wrong with feminism?

To find the answer, we tell the story of how Hillary Clinton drew your humble co-host to feminism, and why she eventually abandoned the ideology.

Clickity-click on over to Red Pilled America to listen.

Top Image: Excerpt of photo from Adryana Cortez’s Twitter account.

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2 comments on “How Feminism Almost Destroyed One Woman’s Dream

  1. Jen says:

    Paul, you are so right. I’m Gen X I fell for a lot of the garbage in college. I had a very similar experience to Adryana. First 2 pregnancies at 33. (Miscarriage the 1st time). Had my second child by a miracle at 37. It took a toll on my body waiting to be an older first time mother. I hope today’s young women listen to Adryana’s story.

    1. Paul Hair says:

      Jen — Thank you for your comment and I’m sorry about everything you went through. Very sad to hear that. And like you, I hope young women (and men) listen to Adryana’s story.

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