Country Songs that Remind Us to Love the USA, Flaws and All

Former Stained member Aaron Lewis has been keeping it real since heading on his more acoustic, solo route a few years ago. And this weekend he popped up with his lyric video for his latest single “Am I The Only One,” from the album of the same name.

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This is the latest in country releases that show there are plenty out there like him who want little to do with left-wing flag-shaming and America-hating.

Here’s the non-explicit version:

John Rich is the American Dream in one person: successful musician as one half of Big & Rich, and entrepreneur behind the Redneck Riviera brand.

Last year, he and “Big Kenny” released a song encouraging people to “stay at home” during the pandemic scare peak, but they are once again ready to tour and spread their love for the U.S.A.

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This includes reminding their fellow citizens freedom comes at a price, and some of those who fought on behalf of our nation are still paying the price. Here’s a tribute they did to one of them. This song may be more than 10-years-old, but it’s still capable of turning on the waterworks.

Toby Keith, who has written some of the most fun party-on songs in country, takes his patriotism seriously, and it goes beyond any allegiance to a politician. He doesn’t like the way the left or the right is handling things, but he does know he loves America. He was inspired to write his latest song, “Happy Birthday America,” that came out this year, while he was watching the Fourth of July fireworks last year. This isn’t his rousing “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue,” but rather a melancholy love song to a nation that needs our respect more than ever.

Travis Tritt is one of those guys who makes sure we all know how to squeeze the happiness out of life, even when times seem the worst, and in October of 2020, he reminded folks they can survive more than then know, as he had this to say about his song “Ghost Town Nation”:

At a time when so much of the country was on pandemic lockdown, the idea of escaping to a secluded spot in the woods was very appealing for a lot of folks. It reminds me of a “country folks can survive” theme. I know many folks that still do this regularly.

Get out and remember the simple things in life this country has to offer:

Things might not always seem perfect. They might not always seem fair. And they certainly don’t always feel good. But if you love this country, it is a comfort to know there are others who feel the same way, and they can write some great songs about it.

3 comments on “Country Songs that Remind Us to Love the USA, Flaws and All

  1. The Mgmt. says:

    Great picks! I dig it. And that Aaron Lewis song is just spot on!

    1. Lisa Kay says:

      Thanks! Nice to see there’s some celebs out there who “have our backs.”

      1. The Mgmt. says:

        Agreed. You think there would be a bigger push to amplify those artists work.

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