Deliverance Me from Kamala

By now, you must have heard of Vice President Kamala Harris’ interview with Soledad O’Brien on BET. It was definitely less cringeworthy than The Royal Brats interview with Oprah. In fact, it was pretty innocuous for a liberal-on-liberal conversation.


That’s until the magic moment when the topic of voter ID came up. You see, that’s a non-negotiable on the Democrat side and like all hot button issues, it brings up the most passionate, nay, hysterical reactions.

Yes, yes, voter ID is meant to keep minorities from voting. It’s the segregated lunch counter of the new millennium. But Kamala blew past all that and went straight to the elitist, ignorant, “I’ve never been east of Lake Tahoe and just the California side at that,” take.

Take a listen for yourself.

It’s 2021 on the coasts but it’s 1870 in the middle!

The sympathetic tone as she waxes batsh*t touches the heart while making your stomach regret that hot dog for lunch.

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But the good news is, as always, it gave rise to a good two days of memes. Let’s round up a few, shall we? Since I wrote this piece, please humor my ego by letting me start first.

This started a fun back and forth with my yokel conservative friends on Twitter. These folks are pretty witty for only having three teeth.

But the real winner is this guy and his thread.

Looking for much more hilarity in the next four years. Cause if you don’t laugh…

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