‘Jackass Forever’ – Trailer

Seriously conflicted about this one. Jackass Forever. The new movie from the ol’ Jackass gang. Or should I say the Old Jackass gang. That’s not a crack about the age of the guys. It’s concern about the age of the guys. Dudes…you’re not getting any younger. Those stunts had to hurt like hell in your twenties…what is that shit going to feel like now? Long story short: That gonna hurt.

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Now for the good news. The Jackass crew always puts together the best stunts. By far. Many have tried to duplicate the success and have failed. Miserably. Nobody does it like Jackass. Them’s the apples.

Congrats on the new movie and for the love of God, don’t get hurt. Stretch first and take your vitamins. And have 911 on set.

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