Music Maketh Man: Great Songs of the Kingsman Movies

The newest trailer for The King’s Man came out last week, with a release date attached. Finally! I’ve been giddy for this film since they released the first trailer back in 2020. I thoroughly enjoyed the original Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons graphic novel, The Secret Service. Although the movie veered a little from the comic, the spirit was still there.

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Plus, dapper men in suits effortlessly kicking much bad guy behind are my chick films. For example, it was this scene right here from the first movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service that roped me in. It also made me appreciate Colin Firth a little more, and made me feel pretty proud my maiden name is Hart.

To make sure everyone else gets sufficiently motivated, let’s take a listen to a couple of the musical choices that help make this franchise so much fun.

The latest trailer for the WWI era prequel, The King’s Man, revealed the long-awaited release date. The first trailer, released back in June of 2020, gave of a hint of a familiar 1969 anti-war anthem. Listen closely while you enjoy the mayhem.

The song was a fantastic cover of Edwin Starr’s anti-war classic “War,” from the Kentucky-based rock band Black Stone Cherry. This cover was featured on their 2016 album named for their home state, and I have a feeling it is about to get some more attention.

This isn’t the first trippy, cool cover to come from a Kingsman movie. The first sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, takes the story across the pond to America. There they meet the agency’s equally worthy U.S. counterparts, the Statesman. One of the cartoony and epic fight scenes was between Harry Hart, Eggsy and Whiskey. It features a perfectly placed, rousing, country-rock cover of Cameo’s 1986 hit “Word Up!”

There are spoilers in this if you haven’t seen yet seen it, fair warning.

The song is by the German band The BossHoss, who call themselves “country trash punk rock.” These guys not only have some great original material, they give their head-banging, line dancing treatment to covers of songs ranging from Donna Summer to the Sex Pistols. Their “Word Up” cover was originally released in 2005, and the video is as much a party as the song itself.

The first Kingsman film, The Kingsman: Secret Service, featured the 2010 song “Get Ready for It” from the British pop band Take That as its theme song. This gave a five-year-old song a second chance. This group was sort of a go-to for director Matthew Vaughn, as he also used songs by this band in his films Stardust and X-Men: First Class. I don’t know if it would have been my first choice, but it has nice stylish aura to it.

When the prequel comes out this winter, we will be introduced to a whole new (or very old, rather) set of Kingsman members. If the IMBD listing is any indication we’ll see one familiar face, Merlin, with Stanley Tucci replacing Mark Strong, as either a recast or early version of Merlin. Time will tell. During one of the most heroic, selfless acts in the first two films, Merlin serenades us all with a John Denver mainstay most of us know by heart. If you haven’t seen The Golden Circle, here be more spoilers. If you have, then sing along proud and loud.

We can take some gritty, bloody comfort in knowing that whatever the outside world throws at us, the first independent intelligence agency, “refined but brutal, civilized but merciless,” is coming for Christmas to once again prove Manners Maketh Man.

The King’s Man hits theatres Dec. 22.

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