Someone Made the Breakfast from ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ & We Want It Now

If you’ve ever seen the Studio Ghibli classic Howl’s Moving Castle you already know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen it…what’s wrong with you? Go watch that movie! You’ll thank me later.

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Okay, there’s a breakfast scene in the flick. The food looks insanely delicious. Like, it’s precisely what you want for your own breakfast. Well, thank you internet because we found this clip of someone who made it all happen in real life and it looks just as good as you’d think it would. I could go for a plate of this goodness right now.

Now here’s the scene from the movie. This is the original in Japanese. Highly recommend the English dub with Christian Bale as Howl and Billy Crystal as Calcifer. Cannot say enough good things about this flick.

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