A Typical Day on Twitter

Twitter has done for discourse and information what the Russian Revolution did for democracy. In one decade of Twitter, news quality, which had been in decline since the Internet became a thing, has accelerated its decline to near light speed.

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News organizations, particularly CNN, have a business model that emphasizes clicks over old-fashioned news industry concepts like accuracy, integrity and objectivity. Other organizations have been eager to follow suit to the point where NBC is effectively the same as their openly liberal counterpart MSNBC.

What you’re about to see is a fictionalized account of a typical Twitter news cycle. I need to say it’s fictionalized because the reality is too close to distinguish.

Let’s start with the claim:

Alarmist and targets the yokels! Twitter gold!

The next day, Twitter sleuths and people with a long-lost trait known as “common sense” dig into the story so breathlessly expressed. This then is followed by the clarification:

We kinda sorta got it wrong. But we were speaking to Greater Truths.

But by then, it’s too late. A half a million morons who hate the other side have already glommed onto the claim. They’ve created memes and hashtags. It’s a fact.

Then the true parasites jump on it. Media figures posing as journalists leveraging the message to support the politicians and politics of their choice.

When you have a dead horse to flog, why look for another?
I’m a “fact checker”. That is a special type of journalism that let’s me be awful with a veneer of honesty. But don’t worry about it, I work for CNN.
I too am a fact checker. You might think of me as the highlord of fact checking because I really lean into my role to brazenly spin for my Democratic friends.

If you think this is too absurd, I invite you to read the real thing.

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