Breaking Up with California

We all watched the recall movement in California. Larry Elder against Gavin Newsom. Now we know how it went. Now comedian Michael Loftus says it’s time. Time to be Breaking Up with California.

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The Loftus Party thinks this is probably for the best. It’s like a relationship and it’s not going well. California is sinking. We gotta go. But first? Jokes!

We need to have some fun about this madness. It’s what we do.

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4 comments on “Breaking Up with California

  1. suds says:

    I left CA 21 years ago, no interest in going back…. and stop talking about the girls that dated me…. really mike

    1. suds says:

      To Mgmt. your sites not accepting my completely inappropriate and tasteless memes… you might want to talk to your webmaster….

      1. The Mgmt. says:

        what? this is unheard of! We thrive on tasteless memes!

    2. The Mgmt. says:

      our bad. may or may not happen again. Congrats on leaving cali.

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