Meme Roundup – ‘Let’s Go, Brandon!’ Edition

People love to cheer at sporting events. It makes us feel a part of it. Lately we’ve been chanting, “Let’s Go Brandon” at all kinds of sports–even ones where this is no Brandon on the field or court. Go figure.

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Well, there was that one Brandon at the Talladega NASCAR race. Watch.

I don’t want to be the guy who has to tell him.

And this is where your friends at The Loftus Party deliver the high quality content you so love and deserve. MEMES!

Ah, we were so innocent back then.
Nailed it, Mr. President!
Pew Research says…
The world is sending us a message.
The glasses never lie.
Real merch within 48 hours. Well played, America! Well played.

A two-parter!

To be continued…
The exciting conclusion.

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