‘House of the Dragon’ Trailer Looks Like Hot Garbage

Nope. Not gonna hold back. House of the Dragon from HBO looks like hot garbage. If you’re one of the handful of people that are looking forward to this one, buckle up. There is a tsunami of crap coming your way.

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First of all, who cares? For real. Who gives a shit when we already know how it ends?! We watched Game of Thrones. And I still feel ripped off from that horrible experience. You had me. I was a huge fan. Then you fucked me over and now I’m supposed to give a shit about some part-time models in blonde wigs staring into the distance talking about, “We have dragons”? Go fuck yourself. Besides, I’ve already seen dragons! I’ve seen witches and zombie armies too. What are you going to show me that is new? Doesn’t look like anything. Just more of the same shit that we all know ends badly.

So, it’s a 10-part series/cash grab from HBO that airs on HBO MAX in 2022…meh…and it’s written by…I don’t know and I don’t care. Evidently the series was pitched multiple times and HBO passed and finally reworked the idea and settled on this. Yay…. Supposedly it’s based on the novel Fire and Blood. Ok…whatever….

In closing, let me say that I am a huge fan of the Game of Thrones books. They’re really something quite special. What happened to the series on HBO is one of the great tragedies of modern TV. HBO had something amazing and they fucked it up. They fucked it up so badly, even a fan like me will take a dragon-sized dump on this new series trailer.

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