‘Whiskey Business’ – Horror & Halloween

Dino and the gang are talking horror this week. Their annual Halloween episode on Whiskey Business may just be their most unconventional holiday episode to date.

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Yeah, there’s scary stuff in it; Anne Dimmick from Watershed Distillery dealing with a demon in a hotel room. And her Catholic faith came into play as well when she sought out the guidance of Fr. Nic Ventura. What Fr. Nic brought to the table was some fascinating insight into evil itself. Have you ever been told to “sage” your house to rid it of an negative or evil presence? Fr. Nic will tell you why that might be a mistake.

Faith, the supernatural, religion, demonic possession and of course some fine Watershed bourbons to keep everyone company through it all. It’s their Annual Halloween episode on Whiskey Business! Don’t listen alone.

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