‘The Beatles: Get Back’ Trailer: Guaranteed to Break Your Heart

Here we present the trailer for The Beatles: Get Back. A new documentary coming to Disney + that is guaranteed to break your heart.

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I know for a fact it will break mine. Will I watch? Probably. Fuck. Yes. Yes, I’m gonna watch. Director Peter Jackson got access to all the footage from back in the day. Back when The Beatles were documenting what would ultimately become “Let It Be.” There is a boatload of stuff! That’s why I’ll watch. Also, that’s what will break my heart.

We know how this movie ends. They break up. It goes badly. All the Beatles go their separate ways never to get together again. Tada! It was heartbreaking to watch in the movie Let It Be. But knowing we’re going to get to see even more! It’s actually kind of perverse when you think about it.

Imagine watching old home videos of you and your old girlfriend. The one who left you in the dust and then got married to an absolute asshole. She fucked you all up AND ruined her own life. Okay? So you watch that video (Let It Be) and now someone comes along with hours more footage of you and your girl juuuuuust before she left you. It was your last chance to salvage the relationship. You were trying so hard. So, here’s 3 more hours of that for you to sit down and view.

You KNOW how it ends. Do you watch? If it’s the Beatles, I do. HA! I’m throwing shit at the TV. Yelling at people. Screaming at John and Yoko to just fucking stop it already!! LOL! Will it change anything? No. I doubt it will even be cathartic. But I’ll watch. My heart will break all over again and I’ll be bummed and think about what might have been. It’ll suck. But I’ll watch.

The Beatles: Get Back premiers on Disney + on November 25.

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