Superhero Fun with ‘Chuck Dixon’s Avalon’ at Arktoons!

Arktoons has a wide variety of digital comic books. There is a wide variety of genres too. The superhero genre is one of them. And if you’re looking for a new superhero title, you might want to check out Chuck Dixon’s Avalon. It has a great writer and great art.

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There are 25 episodes of the series so far. And if you aren’t familiar with it, here’s the official synopsis for it.

From the mean streets of Moseley to the oceanfront villas of Diamond Beach, crime affects everyone in Avalon. And the presence of the superhumans known around the city as “specials” hasn’t necessarily made life for the average citizen any better, since the local vigilantes are as apt to demand payment for their protection as they are to provide their services for free. The crime-fighting duo of King Ace and Fazer are true heroes, not vigilantes, as Fazer explains the difference to a reporter interviewing him for the Avalon Sentinel. A hero doesn’t expect thanks or payment, he helps people because it is the right thing to do. And a hero doesn’t kill anyone, ever. All Fazer and the big guy are trying to do is make everyday life better for everyone who lives in their city. But even heroes face temptation.

So if superheroes are your thing, head over to Arktoons and check out Chuck Dixon’s Avalon. And again, there are a bunch of other comic books available there too.

Top Image: Excerpt of artwork from ‘Chuck Dixon’s Avalon,’ Episode 25: ‘Hollow Bones.’

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