Meme Roundup – Biden’s Town Hall Terror

Last night, our President, Joseph Biden, gave an exclusive town hall for CNN. That in and of itself is a guaranteed sh*t show. But, dear reader, it was so much worse than that and great for us.

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President Biden, or perhaps a Disney Hall of Presidents automaton of President Biden, showed up and–hoo boy–talk about a meme goldmine.

The President’s Two Fist pose had a lot of people wondering.

Maybe Joe was dreaming of Chinese cash.
Boss man saw a certain resemblance.
Computer simulations confirm the hypothesis – Yay science!
Elon Musk, call your office.
Me, I had a different theory.
Some of you are too talented and have too much time.
Dan knows his President.
The short arms and posture tells me that Mr. President wanted to do Tokyo bad.
Well, he did say “let’s go”.
After calling the lid, I get pony time!
Dammit, Jill, where’d you say the cat’s at?

And what about this pic? What is going on?

Glad you asked.

Ah, the simple joys of being a child.
Maybe Ron Klain and Susan Rice didn’t wind him up quite enough?
My fault for seeing ‘Airplane!’ recently

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