Nick Searcy’s ‘Capitol Punishment’ Fights Ruling Class’s Jan. 6 Disinformation

On Thanksgiving Day, producer Nick Searcy’s Capitol Punishment debuts. But the documentary, directed by Chris Burgard, has already enraged journalists and the rest of the ruling class. They are furious that it fights back against the disinformation they’ve been peddling nonstop about the Jan. 6 peaceful protesters and how the American government has treated them. Searcy answered a few questions from The Loftus Party about the film and provided additional insight into the story it tells and why the ruling class is so enraged.

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The Loftus Party: Why film a documentary about the Jan. 6 peaceful protesters and the government’s persecution of them?

Nick Searcy: I was in DC on January 6, not really intending to make a film, but just shooting some iPhone footage like a tourist. I had a good time, and didn’t see anything violent. But when I got home to watch it on TV, all I saw was violence, and I didn’t see anything like what I had personally experienced. So we decided to explore that.

TLP: How much new information about what happened on Jan. 6 and the tyrannical government action during and after it will viewers learn from Capitol Punishment?

NS: I think they will be absolutely shocked by the way decent Americans, who went to DC on 1/6 and did nothing wrong, are being treated like cartel leaders or serial killers by the FBI and the DOJ. I want them to see this and ask themselves if this is the way they think American citizens should be treated.

TLP: Do you believe that documentaries have a much better chance of reaching far more people with the truth than all the conservative columns and articles combined, and do you believe that is why journalists and the rest of the ruling class are already enraged with Capitol Punishment even as it hasn’t debuted yet?

NS: We know they are lying,

They know they are lying,

They know we know they are lying,

And still they continue to lie.

They are enraged with Capitol Punishment because the film shows the things they are lying about and the things they do not want you to see.

Frankly there aren’t even many “conservative” columnists that are taking on these lies anyway. The great Julie Kelly and Tucker Carlson are, and frankly, that’s about it.

I guess it’s up to me!

TLP: How far will journalists, the government, and the rest of the ruling class go to spread the Big Lie about Jan. 6—that it was an insurrection, and that the government isn’t persecuting the peaceful protesters?

NS: They will never stop lying about it, because for them to admit the truth about it will expose their other Crimes.

Most of the people that they are persecuting are not rich people. They are not people who can spend tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, on a legal defense. As a result, most of these people have court appointed attorneys that in most cases are not really working for their clients but working for the government. They want to get as many of these people as they can to take a plea deal for something they didn’t do by threatening them with 62 years, 28 years, 30 years if they go to trial. And that way when someone takes the plea deal, they can then brag that they convicted a domestic terrorist who admitted it. It is sinister, it is evil, and this is political persecution just like you would see in North Korea or Cuba or Venezuela. It is shocking to see this happening in America.

TLP: When does Capitol Punishment debut and where can people watch/buy it? Where can they follow you online?

NS: You can preorder it now and watch it on Thanksgiving Day.

Follow me at @yesnicksearcy on Twitter if you dare.

Nick Searcy’s ‘Capitol Punishment’ Fights Ruling Class’s Jan. 6 Disinformation
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18 comments on “Nick Searcy’s ‘Capitol Punishment’ Fights Ruling Class’s Jan. 6 Disinformation

  1. john dallas says:

    I was there Jan 6th. & the only thing that makes any sense based on what I witnessed….It was ALLOWED to happen. I’ve seen Tucker’s ” Patriot Purge” and it finally shows some truth …Looking forward to watching “Capital Punishment”. That day was so surreal…still trying to understand & as stated before “It was ALLOWED to happen”…I truly miss the world I grew up in!!!!!!!

    1. Paul Hair says:

      There is still a lot that has yet to come out about what really happened.

  2. j. Strain says:

    i AM VISION IMPAIRED qne need to download your product to play on my TV which has better resolution and screen size than my laptop, HOQ DO I PROCEED?

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      That is a great question. We’re looking onto that very thing right now. We hope to have our media player available for TV soon. If you’re on an Apple device (phone) you can always screen mirror to your TV. So glad you reached out. We’ll have better solution very soon! You’re awesome!

  3. JungianINTP says:

    The January 5th
    tour is the key !

    Has the capitol hallway security videos from
    January 5th been preserved ? Democrats had
    been upset about that tour, and complained,
    promising to investigate who had authorized
    it (( who were those “tourists”—Soros people ? )).

    Also, who had placed that long 2” x 4” pine
    board below the windows, resting against the
    wall, BEFORE a rioter picked it up—and broke
    through the right-side glass.

    That long board was not carried to the Capitol,
    someone on the inside put it there—most
    likely !


    1. The Mgmt. says:

      very good questions! We need to see all the footage!

  4. Margot says:

    Truth is being reported on OAN and Newsmax too.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      good point!

      1. Kristy Pitts says:

        Will you please tell me where i can purchase this movie I’m hitting road blocks in every direction.I want this movie so my grandchildren will know the truth.
        Thank You
        Kristy Pitts

        1. Paul Hair says:

          You can purchase and view it directly on Nick Searcy’s website:

    2. Peggy Fowler says:

      These Democrat fools that are holding these January 6 select committee hearings are a freaking ???? They know nothing happened at all that was bad on January 6th. If it was so bad then why is Nancy Pelosi not letting the over 14,000 of Security Tapes to be viewed by We The People??? It is Our House, after all. We Pay All of Their Damn Salaries!!
      How Much Does Anyone On Here Want To Bet Me That Everyone Who Is On That January 6 Select Committee, If They Aren’t Retiring By 2022, They Will Never Win Their Re Election???? Please Bet Me??????
      Anyway ,once the Republicans take the House back in 2022 that Democrat lead January 6 Select Committee will be disbanded and the New Speaker of the House (a Republican, I Really Hope It Is Not Kevin McCarthy, because I just Don’t Trust His A**, But A Good Solid America First Republican Will Be Elected By All The Republicans To Be Speaker of the House) & they will set up a Committee right away and get out these 14,000 Security Tapes to the Public and get All of those January 6th political prisoners released one day one!! And re do all those made for tv (CSPAN) committee interviews (like the ones with those spineless cops, that all they did was fake cry because they were supposedly called the N word and other things. (Geez they should go try working in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Georgia, just any State in this Country. What a bunch of tools those guys are!!!!???????
      And whatever else there fake committee hearings have been having. Also while the Republicans are at it, since the Democrats like to do it so much, take a subpoena to each one of the cell phone of these January 6 select committee members since January 4,2021 up until they get disbanded and get all their cell phone records. And maybe as a little payback read a few of them in national tv just like they did with Liz Cheney, reading Mark Meadows phone records between his texts back and for with Don Jr, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, Brian Kilmead. Even tho none of those texts proved that either of any of those FoxNews hosts did anything wrong (they were texting Mark Meadows to tell him to tell President Trump to get out there and make a statement and tell all the protesters to go home (which he did but he was taken off of Twitter and Facebook for good)., So how could any one of the protesters even see what the President had said!!!
      But of course lying Liz Cheney leaves out that part about him being thrown of Facebook and Twitter!!! So they don’t even know if the protesters even got his message or not..
      Also what about the 10,000 National Guards that President Trump asked for on January 5th that were denied!!! Why did Nancy Pelosi deny that extra help???
      And the Republicans better do it in 2022!!!

      1. The Mgmt. says:

        Yes! I am ready for all that footage to be released as well!

  5. Your Daddy says:

    You are all a swirling pool of putrid gonorrhea with six brain cells. All of you are dickless turds, pussies, entitled rubes. THEY ARE LAUGHING AT ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK AND SO ARE WE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH FUCK YOU LOSERS.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      what else did your mom say when she first saw you? Good luck with your issues. She’s great in sack by the way.

    2. Peggy Fowler says:

      The only fucking loser I see on here is you is “Your Daddy”. What’s the matter? To afraid to use your real name ? Just like a fucking keyboard warrior troll.
      How the duck did you get on this page anyway loser???
      No go back to senile Joe Bidens page and play nice with the old man who is ruining my Country and get the fuck of our page asshole!!!!

    3. Shawn TY says:

      I recently purchased and received my copy of Capitol Punishment. I NEED to get this movie out to as many people as I can. How can I go about buying, sharing and/or uploading? THIS NEEDS TO BE SEEN BY THE MASSES to STOP THE COMMUNIST TAKE OVER OF OUR COUNTRY. I am blown away by this production! What an eye opening documentary.

      1. The Mgmt. says:

        does Capitol Punishment have a website? They may have more info there. I wonder if there are sharable links on Rumble or Vimeo too. Just an idea. Good luck & thanks for sharing!

  6. Shawn TY says:

    I recently purchased and received my copy of Capitol Punishment. I NEED to get this movie out to as many people as I can. How can I go about buying, sharing and/or uploading? THIS NEEDS TO BE SEEN BY THE MASSES to STOP THE COMMUNIST TAKE OVER OF OUR COUNTRY. I am blown away by this production! What an eye opening documentary.

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