Congrats! You Survived The Democrats’ Insurgeddon Spectacle!

It wasn’t easy. I don’t know how you kept your lunch down.

A protest that got out of hand and went further than it should have became a Democrat/Media political rally.

If you’re reading this right now, then you survived the breathless coverage, the ultra-partisan messages of unity and the horror stories. Be like Kasie Hunt and give yourself a big pat on the back. We asked you to share your personal stories of trauma and you delivered!

Stay Strong, Kasie, Stay Strong!

So let’s see what you experience, brave citizens!

Aggierican’s living room may never be the same again!
AOC and her fetishes were greatly stimulated
The A-hole squirrels had their own Insurrection!
Andrew saw it coming – was tragically out of quarters for his magic fingers bed massager
We all deal with pain in our own way. Thank you MaryAnn
January 6 raised more questions than it answered
Me? I just did the usual – literally shook
Glued Thumbs awaited a hero
Much cooking was disrupted that day
Every good insurrection needs proper planning and catering
White People being all orderly ‘n’ stuff is very, very bad
Brutal, just brutal
Some were helped along with what they remembered
Waxing poetic about survival – we all cope differently
Officer Gandalf – You shall not pass!
We all know the true victim here
They say extreme trauma can cause false memories – what do you say, Sam the Butcher?
Some grabbed their quill pen and wrote tearful farewells.
Some gave all – without their shoes
Norsophobia – it’s real!
Damn the Viking Buffalo PTSD
And finally, the true victim here. Pudding cans

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  1. The Mgmt. says:

    every time I think I’m gonna be okay? I check. Turns out I am okay.

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