Sunday Jams – The Country Sexy and the City Sexy

This weekend contains the birthdays of both Elvis Presley and David Bowie. The King would have been celebrating his 87th and The Thin White Duke his 75th. Both seeming very different, what they had in common was Rock ‘n’ Roll of their era. Oh, and did I mention, they were both very sexy.

You’ve already read countless retrospectives on how “Elvis the Pelvis” made a generation of Americans shake their Bibles at Elvis even as their daughters discovered their sexuality listening to his records and watching his movies.

A decade later, as the British Invasion changed the face and sound of Rock, a different kind of sexy was emerging: slinky, a little effeminate and urban. Nothing says a week long bender of cocaine and sex in New York City circa 1974 like David Bowie.

So to these iconic rock legends, I wish you a very happy birthday. To you, I say enjoy today’s Sunday Jams.

Another thing Mssrs. Bowie and Presley had in common is their associations with the movies. Elvis had Viva Las Vegas and Jailhouse Rock and Bowie brought both his acting and musical talents to a number 80s of films like Cat People and the hit theme song to the Falcon and the Snowman.

This is not America

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