Unlock the Twitter Algorithm now or get ready for more Censorship

Something has changed at Twitter in the past few days. Everyone on the platform can feel it. Accounts that had been stagnant for years are suddenly gaining hundreds if not thousands of followers. Other inexplicably “popular” accounts are losing tons of followers. It’s as if someone at Twitter threw a switch and turned off a machine that throttled some accounts and beefed-up others with fake numbers. Which is what I think happened. I think Elon Musk bought Twitter and now there is a mad scramble to hide any evidence of manipulating accounts and content. It feels like the kids are cleaning the house before the parents come home so no one will know what they were doing. The upside? You get a somewhat clean house. The downside? They will do that shit again at the first possible chance. We need to unlock the Twitter Algorithm and know exactly what was going on for years or else big tech will just keep censoring.

That’s the only thing that really matters. Knowing how they did it. Yes, it’s cool that Elon bought Twitter and things appear to have changed at least for the moment. But what about all the bigger companies? How does Facebook manipulate the public square? And Facebook is small potatoes compared to Google and YouTube. What are they up to behind closed doors? How does their algorithm work? Elon Musk can’t buy them all. What he’s done with Twitter is show the need to figure all this shit out. So, as we bask in all our new activity on Twitter, let’s keep going. Don’t stop now. Our success as a nation depends on being well informed. Not manipulated by big tech. Let’s make sure that isn’t happening. And make no mistake they will try to stop that from happening at every turn.


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