Dr. Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness – 2 Reviews. Much Suckage.

So, I watched Dr. Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness last night and now am prepared to share my review. Not only that, but I’ll also link The Critical Drinkers review. Why? Because we’re cool like that. I will tell you right outta the gate I didn’t like it. The movie. The cast? Sure! Great actors! The director? Sam Raimi? Love the guy! They problem comes from a shitty script. A shitty story and a problem that a five year old could solve. Other than that? It’s moving pictures that sometimes look neat. Sometimes they look like a Disney + show set.

Let’s talk about the story for just a minute. Once again, a hero in Disney flick is saddled with a young girl sidekick/problem/savior. It’s really getting boring. They gotta come up with a new idea! You’re driving every franchise into the dirt with the sassy girl sidekick shtick. Hawkeye? Stuck with sassy girl. Kenobi? Stuck with sassy girl. Dr. Strange? Meet sassy girl! She’s strong. She has her own ideas. She’s sassy and our hero could leanr a thing from her. For fucks sake. Haven’t seen Lightyear yet but I’m guessing there’s a sassy girl in that one too.

Next up in the story department? The big problem. This is the big problem our hero needs to solve. HAS TO SOLVE! The fate of the world depends on it and all that stuff. Wanda aka Scarlett Witch want’s her kids! (The kids from the show on Disney +) Now Scarlett Witch will do ANYTHING to get to another universe to just for these kids! See, there’s multiple universes and infinite variations on reality. That’s the fly in the ointment right there. Marvel fucked themselves with the Multiverse. The whole story rests on everyone being idiots. No one thinks to say: “Hey Wanda, why not go to the multiverse where Vision is alive and you’re dead and he and the kids would be happy to see you?” Something like that. If there are infinite multi-verses, there are infinite ways for Wanda to get what she wants without hurting anyone! And if she DOES have to steal sassy girls’ power, just ask nicely and give it back when you’re done! There’s always a couple things you need to overlook in a movie script. Plot holes, logic problems etc. But I just can’t get past the one in this Dr. Strange. It’s a shame. All that talent. Wasted.

Here’s Critical Drinkers take-

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2 comments on “Dr. Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness – 2 Reviews. Much Suckage.

  1. Rebecca+Cummings says:

    I am really hating that Disney fucked with Marvel at all. They should have kept the woke out but you know how blown up this force of shoving it down.. This makes me so pissed off. They ruined my game online cuz they took it…Spent thousands in comic books and and avatars for that game. Now, I will be selling the rest of my collection. 800 comics going up for sale in Danville IL. Sad. Like so sad it made me cry a little…

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      It’s truly a bummer. It’s like they are hell bent on fucking everything up. Disney that is.

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