Standout performances from Glastonbury 2022. Hot Damn! (Video)

Festivals are back. Fucking yes! It’s summer and musicians are doing live shows and it is fantastic. One of my personal favs is Glastonbury. Nope. I’ve never been but I completely dig the videos. Someday I’ll get there. The vibe just seems epic. Totally jealous of everyone in crowd and the bands look like they are having the time of their lives. So cool. Just getting on stage at letting it rip in front of an ocean of people who are ready for a good time. It’s a winning recipe. Great music and fans that appreciate it. We give it a hearty “Fuck yes!” Here’s a few of the standout performances from Glastonbury 2022. Some really good shit here. New stuff and some crafty vets who know how to put on a hell of show. You’ll see what I mean.

We had heard of Wet Leg and were fans, but this song just absolutely crushed it live. Play this loudly.

Who is this dude? Sam Fender.

Paul and Dave. Dudes have played through some legit tragedy. Special appearance by John Lennon

Jack White just going next level on Seven Nation Army.

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