WB kills Batgirl movie even though it was finished. We think we know why.

Well, that was unexpected. WB just effectively killed the new Batgirl movie. The flick had an $80 million dollar budget and was finished! Why? Why on earth would they do that? You already know the reason, but I’ll say it: It sucked. Tada! Somebody over at Warner Bros. looked at the movie, then they saw how the audience reacted in test screenings, then they called accounting and asked “What would happen if we just took an $80 million dollar bath on this one?” Turns out, there are some advantages to showing a huge loss!

There are other upsides to pulling the Batgirl movie: You aren’t actively doing damage to your brand. WB and DC are still struggling with the entire DCU. And when you find yourself in a hole? The first thing you should do is put down the shovel and stop digging. That’s what they did with Batgirl.

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4 comments on “WB kills Batgirl movie even though it was finished. We think we know why.

  1. Chuck Glasser says:

    When is The Mgmt going to release it’s new line of denim jackets?

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      dude… how awesome would that be?! With the logo on the back? fire breathing flying tiger?! I just got a boner!

  2. Matthew Mesina says:

    The film was going to pretend Batman did not train Barbara, just try to discourage her. Of course, this makes no sense. Batman did try to discourage her, but realized he had to train her or she could die. Being friends with her father made that risk unacceptable. Instead, the movie eschews all that character development fir simple GRRRL POWER.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      I would love to read that script. Hopefully someone will ‘leak’ the flick. Would be wild to see just what they did.

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