Yes, you should play Stray

Stray is an endearing walking simulator from the third person perspective of a cat living in a cyberpunk dystopia. Created by Annapurna Interactive (a studio behind AAA indie hits like Outer Wilds) & Blue Twelve studios, this game is all about area traversal and being immersed into an attractive setting while also having a dedicated meow button. It boasts playability on PS4 & PS5, while also having stunning graphical and audible quality on both systems.

Playstation’s official short area walkthrough, narrated by one of Stray’s Developers.

Punctuated by short puzzle sections, Stray is a mostly smooth visual tour de force, armed with some of the finest visual design and implementation of geometry I have ever seen. It is clever in its restraint; making use of your own small size in comparison to the impossibly large architecture with platforming solutions in the form of objects you would not normally expect in a game of this kind.

To summarize; this is a cool little 30$ game that wows with its spectacle and lengthens itself with puzzle sections. It stands unique among its next gen peers as a game that doesn’t oversell itself. I recommend.

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