America, aren’t you a little curious?

We’re not divided as a nation politically so much as we seem to have a curiosity problem. It seems like half the country hasn’t been able to take the time to ask some basic questions about what we’ve seen the last few years from the media and now via the Twitter Files, our own government. Questions like: Who? and why? Let’s put it this way: Someone has been lying to you. Consistently. Don’t you want to know why? And who is behind it? Of course, you do! Maybe you’ve never had the time to think about the big picture. Let’s try to remedy that.

In 2015 you were told that Trump was practically a Russian Spy, and the Russians got him Elected. After a special council, you found out it wasn’t true. Maybe you’re still hung up on the obstruction thing, but bear with me, there was no Trump Russia Collusion. After years of the Media telling you there was, turns out there wasn’t. Why did that happen? Because members of the media are mostly democrats and they wanted Hillary to win? Maybe… but don’t forget the FBI was helping to push this narrative as well. Leaking documents. Changing the contents of emails and abusing the FISA court system to effectively spy on Trump. His campaign and even his time in the White House. Can we chock that up to, the FBI and intelligence community are democrats too? That’s a little ‘iffy’.

Now consider the Twitter Files and what we’ve been learning. The FBI and the intelligence community was working hand in glove with Twitter to censor all kinds of content. That’s not a theory, that’s a fact. There’s proof. They censored the Biden laptop story. Making sure it didn’t surface until well after the 2020 election. Again, is this because Twitter and the US intelligence community wanted Joe to win? Again, really iffy but maybe. We’ll play along for the sake of argument. We’ll assume that dozens of high-ranking members of the intelligence community just didn’t like Trump and they’d risk everything to stop him. We can kind of make that make sense. Here’s where it goes off the rails though: Covid. Now we’re learning about all the censorship that went along with covid. What’s that all about? Doctors were deplatformed. Treatment and medications were vilified. What’s up with that? The media played along. Social Media played along. All taking their cues from some bureaucrats in DC. That has to be disconcerting to anyone with even the smallest amount of curiosity. Who keeps feeding us all these lies? And why? What’s the purpose? If it was just about politics, why lie about covid? Don’t you want to know? We sure do.

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