The Week in Memes – Gaslighting Gas Edition

Hey Loftus fans. This week has been a meme all by itself. No one needed Photoshop to match the crazy that we’ve had to experience. Let’s recap.

On Monday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that they would be considering a ban on gas stoves due to “health concerns”. Biden and the left has had it in for gas as part of their war on fossil fuels. The CPSC angle played on the health angle and was built on a bogus study.

And then hilarity ensued.

First up, Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) launched a coordinated messaging assault. And they came at it from every possible, yet predictable angle.

The New York Times (now remember, we haven’t started the memes yet)


Oooh, the class warfare angle. Bougie stoves!

What would an artificial crisis be without the “raycism” angle? Not only are you killing the planet, but also you hate brown people.

Many willingly took the line and ran with it. That 12.7% being quoted here is not even faithful to what the study stated. Just pure sheepdom.

Oh, here’s the intelligent argument!

Oh wait, a study funded by anti-gas activist institute.

By Wednesday the study was debunked, the messaging offensive ran out of steam like Napoleon approaching the gates of Moscow. The Biden Administration backed off and the media, liberal influencers and lobbyists were left with their pants down. But they had a secret weapon – shamelessness.

Just like that, they did a 180 and said that the whole pushback was a right-wing conspiracy.

Try as they might, the leftist social engineers lost this battle. And for that we light our cigars on the gas burner.

Now let’s get to the good part – the vicious mockery they so richly deserved.

Because like hypochondriac moths to a COVID masks, the drone army dutifully panicked that the stove they grew up with for 30 years was suddenly a murderer just waiting to pounce.

We’re from the government and we’re here to help.
You may be able to save your gas stove

I think we’re getting close to the root cause.

Oooh, big scary oven!

No one needs an eight burner stove.

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