USA Today idiot wants you to say goodbye to ‘Aloha’ & ‘Shalom’.

Sadly, this is real. According to piece written in USA Today, words like ‘Aloha’ and ‘Shalom’ are culturally sensitive and could come across as inappropriate. We reached out to members of the Hawaiin Jewish community, but they were unavailable for comment. The author of the incredibly stupid “think piece” goes on to say that ‘Hola’ should be on the list of potenially offensive greetings as well: “Aloha.” “Hola.” “Shalom.” These are ways to say “hello” in Hawaiian, Spanish and Hebrew, respectively. But just because you can say something doesn’t mean it’s always appropriate. 

We’ll link the entire piece so you can read for yourself, because it’s so delightfully idiotic. The writer seems to be concerned about people using these words out of context and warns that if you’re not Hawaiin and you use a word like Aloha it could come across as mockery. No shit Sherlock. (That entire sentence was mockery by the way and I’m not British. My use of Sherlock in reference to Sherlock Holmes was out of line. Won’t use that word again.) Newsflash: ANY WORD can be used to mock! If only people who are of a race are allowed to speak their language how are we supposed to communicate with other people of that race? The truly offensive thing about this whole article is that someone was paid to write it. Someone gave someone money to produce this total tempest in a teapot. What an absolute waste of time. We’re not sure what culture the author is from and frankly I don’t give a fuck. Let’s Aloho, Shalom and Adios to shit takes like this forever.

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