Want to fix American Schools? Start by firing these people!

Let’s try to be somewhat rational here. Not go too ‘over the top’. Recent events have shown us a glaring problem with America’s educational system. We as a society aren’t really crushing it when it comes to educating the kids. So, let’s fix Americas schools! Solutions! It all starts with people getting fired. Lot’s. For a variety of failures. We’ll start with firing a bunch of worthless bureaucrats in the school’s administration. These are people who are taking huge amounts of money away from the teachers and the students. Here’s an example of insanity from New York’s failing schools: ‘about 21% of new spending is going toward support services expenditures, which largely includes non-instructional staff such as counselors, psychologists and curricular support personnel. In fact, school administration grew by 65% in the last two decades and now consumes $1,133 per student each year, far exceeding the nationwide average of $738 per student.’ So let’s fire a bunch of those people. Shall we?

Now we move on the curriculum. Hopefully we all agree that children don’t need to be exposed to anything remotely sexual before, let’s say, Middle School. Sound fair? Seems fair. Any teacher that tries to sneak sexual content into an elementary school? Gone. Fired. There is zero need to teach children anything about sex, gender, blah, blah, blah. If a kid has questions about that stuff? Guess what? They also have parents. So, teachers? If you go there, you’re fired.

Same goes for any form of CRT. How about we leave innocent children out of the CRT theory in all its forms? They are children. They haven’t been on the planet long enough to have done anything wrong. Leave them out of it. You want to have a CRT discussion at the collegiate level? Go for it. Leave the kids out of it. Cross the line, or come up with super-secret clever code name for the course that teaches the same thing? You’re fired too. Simple.

This also goes for teachers and administrators that hide awards from kids that effect their educational records and chances of getting scholarships etc. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11639167/Virginias-GOP-Governor-Glenn-Youngkin-maniacal-decision-schools-woke-district-hide-merit-awards.html

Don’t care why they did it. Not interested in excuses. Let’s make sure it never happens again by firing the people responsible for this one. How about that? Fire these people. We’re sure there will plenty of people who want to have a conversation about an overall educational reform, or some such crap, however in the meantime? You’re fired.

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