You need to watch ‘Elvis Presley: The Searcher’ on HBO Max.

We’ve got a great recommendation for you. Elvis Presley: The Searcher on HBO Max. By far, the best Elvis Presley documentary we’ve seen. Most people think they understand Elvis or at least are aware of his place in music history. That was me by the way. Keenly aware of Elvis and what he did. Well, after watching The Searcher I’m left with a whole new level of respect. It’s hard to put into perspective just how big the cultural shift was because of Elvis. There’s America before and America after. No one had done what he had done before. Radio, TV, Films, Live Shows. He changed everything. HIs look, his sound, his moves. But what inspired him? Just where did Elvis get his inspiration. What drove him and made him brave enough to try something that had never been done before? That’s the exciting part. The man created something new. Completely new. It’s wild to watch. And the soundtrack to the movie is incredible in its depth as well. Do yourself a favor and watch the best Elvis documentary, The Searcher. Available now on HBO Max.

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