Claire Gerhardstein ep 171. Is this the end? (video)

We can’t be certain that this can or should go on. What started as fun series of videos might have reached its end. In another universe, we post every single video of Claire Gerhardstein that’s been made for this YouTube channel. Obviously, there’s a lot. We’ve selected a handful, but we’re not sure how much longer we can go on. We’re not remotely implying that there’s anything wrong with these. They’re fantastic. We like the clips! The music. And who can find fault with Claire Gerhardstein? She looks amazing. And that booty? Let’s be honest. That’s a fine, fine booty. So, we’re in a no harm, no foul scenario. Just don’t want it to get weird. You understand. Maybe we’ll revisit the Claire Gerhardstein videos in the future. But for now, let’s just enjoy this clip and not worry about that. That’s a tomorrow problem.

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