FINALLY! A South Park that reflects the modern world. Enter: The Panderverse. (video)

We pleased to present this trailer for a new episode of South Park. Looks like we’re finally getting an episode of the cartoon that reflects the world today. An episode that sees the gang recast with some diversity! This is what the people have been clamoring for. If we have learned anything from modern entertainment, it’s this: Forget character. Forget story. People are interested in one thing: Diversity. Nothing matters as long as your cast is a reflection of ‘modern world’. That what people want and that is what the creators of South Park are finally realizing.

Now maybe the show will have some teeny bit of success after years and years of struggle. Welcome aboard South Park. Now maybe you can enjoy the success of other shows like Amazon’s Rings of Power. A show embraced by tens of people for reasons that aren’t on the screen. Or how about almost any show on Netflix that has to courage to sacrifice story so they can reflect diversity in the casting when they reimagine whatever the latest project is. Yes, now South Park can get on board the freight train of success that Disney has been enjoying! The recipe is simple. Forget everything you know about storytelling and get a diverse cast. That is what’s important.

This Panderverse episode of South Park hits Paramount Plus on Oct. 27th.

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