A quick history of the Israel – Palestine conflict. (video)

We’re here to help. Because we’re helpers. There seems to be a lot of opinion flying around about the Israel – Palestine conflict. Putting aside the recent attack of October 7th, the arguments traditionally boil down to ‘who was there first?’ Meaning whose land was it to begin with. Now for the record, we find these arguments especially tedious and frankly boring. It’s our opinion the world is an extremely violent place and always has been. If someone really, really wants a hunk of land to call their own, they take it by force. If you want to stop them? You better damn well defend it. That’s how it’s always worked, and it still holds true today. Example A: Russia vs Ukraine. I think you get the point. But for everyone who still wants to go down the tedious ‘who was on a hunk of land by the Mediterranean Sea first’ rabbit hole, we present this handy video: A quick history of the Israel – Palestine conflict. Hopefully this clears up some confusion.

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