Marvel has a villain problem; they should lose Kang and bring on Dr. Doom. Here’s why.

Uh oh, looks like the folks at Disney Marvel have yet another problem on their hands. Just add this one to the giant pile they’re already dealing with. Bad stories, poorly written scripts etc. But this new problem is an easy fix. You see, Marvel has a villain problem. According to Variety, the big wigs at Marvel are thinking about ditching the Kang character and bringing in Dr. Doom.

Good. They should. Just say goodbye to Kang and bring in Dr. Doom. It’s a no-brainer and here’s why: Kang isn’t scary. You need that in a villain and Kang just isn’t scary. End of story. We’ve seen multiple versions of Kang in the Disney Plus pile of luke warm woke soup known as Loki and dude just doesn’t have a fear factor. He’s more like a half- crazy nerd. Zero fear associated with any of his infinite multiverse versions. (that’s another problem with the multiverse.) You’ll never have any sense of closure. Kill one Kang? Here comes another! Kill that Kang? Here comes another. Infinite version of the same unscary villain. Oof.

Marvel needs Dr. Doom. He has an unknown quality. If you haven’t read the comic books, which most movie goers probably haven’t. You have tons of questions about Doom. Why is in that suit? What happened to that guy? Is he all jacked up in their or is just a disguise? What does he want? What are his powers? That’s what you want from a movie villain. Hell, keep his identity secret and do a reveal in the next movie ala Darth Vader and Star Wars. It works. And like Darth, Dr. Doom can be physically intimidating, which Kang isn’t. At least Thanos was a flipping Giant of a guy. There’s a very good chance Kang has a vitamin deficiency. He looks like a substitute teacher.

Kang doesn’t cut it. This has nothing to do with the very good acting job of the dude who plays Kang. That guy is great. The character is non-threatening. Marvel tried it and Kang just doesn’t work. Time to bring on Dr. Doom

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