Vivek puts everyone on blast at GOP debate. We dig it.

Please put on you blast goggles now. Last night was yet another GOP presidential debate. Once again, the frontrunner, Donald Trump, wasn’t on stage. Some called it the VP debate, thinking that this televised event was just an audition for the role of Trump’s VP. We can see that. However, candidates still have to stand out. Rise above the rest. Stick out from the crowded field. And it looks like Vivek Ramaswamy understood the assignment. Dude was on stage just letting it rip. Here’s some highlights of his where he goes right at it. Starting off with calling out the media for the Trump Russia hoax and the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story. It was about time someone callout out the media on such a large stage. Just a wonderful moment. Let’s hope all the viewers at home fact-checked Vivek and were shocked to discover he was right. More of this, please. Good for Vivek for going full throttle on this one.

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