Lynyrd Skynyrd & some overlooked classics on Sunday Jams.

Let’s go. Let’s take the time to appreciate some completely overlooked classics from Lynyrd Skynyrd on Sunday Jams. Now if you have any expectations to scroll down and see Free Bird, you are sadly mistaken. Yes, Free Bird is an absolute jam. Is it overlooked? No. Not at all. We’re here to jam out to the songs you haven’t heard in a long ass time. Songs that will light up part of your brain with fierce electrical activity because it has been that long. This shit is so good and so underappreciated it just might cure some disease. Maybe this music was the reason people were healthier in the 70’s. So, lets’ go. Let’s dip into some sonic, soulful goodness from Lynyrd Skynyrd. And please, please somebody tell me who is doing anything close to this today? We wanna hear it. Hook us up in the comments below.

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