Statue of Liberty unavailable for comment. Check out these insane news stories about Illegals.

What a truly crazy turn of events in the last few days when it comes to illegal aliens, illegal immigrants or whatever name you use to describe them. It all starts with the word ‘illegal’ and it’s all turning out to be more insane than we ever could have guessed. Here’s some stories that will have you questioning almost everything about our immigration and legal system. We’ll start with the group of illegals that beat up a cop in NYC and are now out roaming the streets.

Aha… but if an illegal commits Social Security fraud they get deported, right? Wrong. Social Security Fraud, DUI… They can stick around in the ol’ USA.

Here’s another crazy one.

But maybe the problem isn’t millions of people. Or crime. Or any of that. Maybe it’s the verbiage… Some are upset with the terminology.

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