Why Skull and Bones will have to wait. It’s a bummer.

Oh, the hype train. What a fickle mistress you are. We just did a tiny amount of research into Skull and Bones. Now we’re bummed. Here’s why. No single player. That’s a deal breaker over here. Were we stoked for Skull and Bones? Sure! The Beta is open and the game launches on February 16th! And Skull and Bones looks amazing! Who doesn’t want to be a pirate in huge, beautiful world? I did! But guess what I don’t have? The time to fuck around and find a crew when I actually have time to play a new game. The world is a busy place. The developers were too busy to make a single player mode. And my wallet is too busy to get me to buy and play this title. Skull and Bones needs a single player campaign. Then I’ll play. Until then, here’s what Skull and Bones say’s they’re delivering.

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3 comments on “Why Skull and Bones will have to wait. It’s a bummer.

  1. Michael buffa says:

    Thanks for publishing this. Everything I’ve read is a mix bag. I would love to have seena. single palyer mode ala Sid Meieris Pirates and AC4 Black Flag.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      dig it. and thanks for being here! It’s like they are systematically getting rid of single player mode and physical media. Me no likey. Not at all.

      1. Michael buffa says:

        Preach brother!

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