Interview: How the Deep State wins elections and censors you online. A very scary step-by-step.

To say this is the most important interview you’ll watch, isn’t hyperbole. It’s a legit statement. If you live anywhere on planet earth that claims to be a democracy or a government selected by the people, you need to watch this. It’s an in-depth interview with Mike Benz. He walks us through a series of developments that got us to a very dangerous place. A place where the national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. These are un-elected people doing everything they can to make sure things go the way they want them to go. From Elections to criticism of pandemics, and all points in between. It’s a terrifying interview. Not only does the security state have the ability to censor you, but they can also pre-censor you about events they know will cause outrage. Events like oh… elections. But how would they know the outcome of an election? Great question. This interview about how the deep state censors the internet, you and the media is a must watch.

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