‘Dragon Tears’ Introduces Readers to a New Fantasy Universe

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Dragon Tears from C. S. Johnson introduces readers to a brand new universe featuring dragons and fantasy. The novella precedes a planned series of books tentatively titled The Alliance of the Dragon Sword series.

Full disclosure: Johnson and I contributed to the latest Appalling Stories anthology.

From the Amazon book summary of Dragon Tears:

As a Ghost Child and Handmaiden to Ceru, the Great Sea Serpent and Guardian of the Laenite Tribe, all seventeen-year-old Thessa wants is a family of her own. When Ceru tells her she will marry an outsider and bear a child of prophecy, Thessa is more than excited-especially when the boy she loves, Garrison Rico, the son of the Arian Kingdom’s ambassador, agrees to marry her.

But the day of their engagement ceremony, Garrison withdraws his offer and takes his leave of Laena, and Thessa is left alone, humiliated and rejected by her community. Unable to reconcile Garrison’s departure, Thessa questions her fidelity to Ceru for the first time-and sets out to defy him in revenge.

The novella is available in hardcover and as an eBook from a variety of retailers. On top of this, readers who support Johnson on Ko-Fi or Subscribestar can get a free eBook copy of Dragon Tears. (RELATED: Here Be Dragons . . . & Vikings: ‘The Legend of Eydis’)

If you want to purchase Dragon Tears, check out the places where you can get it as an eBook, and head to Amazon if you want to buy it as a hardcover.

Top Image: Dragon Tears book cover.

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