Russian Immigrant Home Movies—that Are Nearly 100-Years-Old [VIDEO]

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On the Smithsonian YouTube channel, the above video is labelled as, “These Russian Immigrants Filmed Their New Life in America in 1905.” Yet the opening narration says the initial shot is a shot of the family in 1929. Perhaps other clips are from 1905. Regardless, the home movie clips are old. (RELATED: The Harp Twins Are Twins…Who Play Harps [VIDEO])

By the way, which is more fascinating? Watching home movies that are around 100-years old? Or realizing that moving pictures been around long enough that there now are a lot of films that are around 100-years-old and older?

Via the Smithsonian Channel:

In 1905, a Russian Jewish family, the Unobskeys, moved to the idyllic Maine countryside to find the American dream and escape poverty and persecution. Their home movies from that period show them picnicking and fully embracing the American way of life.

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