Evil Dead: The Game – Trailer. Yes, Please. [VIDEO]

Almost titled this post, “Please Don’t Break My Heart.” This game has me excited and nervous at the same time. (RELATED: Cyberpunk 2077: Official Launch Trailer – V [VIDEO])

Like many of you, we have a soft spot for Evil Dead. The movies. The franchise. All of it. To call Evil Dead anything less than a classic is a disservice to cinema. It’s truly one of the all time best. Just a fun, insane, rollercoaster ride of horror.

That should be enough gushing. We all dig it. And if you haven’t seen Evil Dead? What are you doing with your life? Go! Watch it. Now!

The thing that makes the film is the surprises…the WTF moments…which lead to humor and horror and more surprises. Easier in a film than in a video game. That, to me, is the challenge for Evil Dead: The Game.

Will it have enough surprise? Will it have enough WTF? That’s key. Will it be fun to run around the environment from the film killing shit? Yes. But it needs to do more. It needs boat loads of shock and awe. Let’s hope it can deliver. — The Mgmt

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