Michigan Judge Allows Release of Forensic Exam of 16 Dominion Voting Machines

This should be interesting to day to say the least. Finally we’re getting down to brass tacks as they say. We have seen more than our fair share of stories of voter fraud on social media. Unfortunately social media accusations don’t mean shit.

Evidently you can have all the eyewitnesses you want. All the security footage. All the signed affidavits under penalty of perjury. All the tall tales of broken water pipes that never broke. You’ll still be expected to provide more in the way of proof. Such is the way of the world nowadays.

That’s what has us so interested in this recent development. We finally get a peek under the hood of the Dominion voting machines. Here’s a link to an article from Gateway Pundit. They’ve been doing a nice job of keeping up with the latest election news.

Hopefully this will give us all some much needed clarity. I cannot stress this enough: In our opinion, the 2020 election was a massive fail. We cannot afford to do this again as a society. This just comes up bad any way you slice it. Real fraud or fake fraud…allegations of fraud are too much to handle. We need to make our election process abundantly transparent. Vote by mail? Nope. Voter ID? Yes. (RELATED: Just Looking for Election Facts (Opinion))

So let’s find out if these Dominion voting machines did the job correctly or if there were shenanigans. If there indeed were problems? Watch out. All hell will break loose. If the machines worked perfectly? I’d still be in favor of scrapping them. Machines can get hacked. Software can get tampered with. We need to go old school here. People count the ballots and they are observed by third parties the entire time. Simple.

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