WTF Is Going On in Michigan?

Can we take a minute to shine a light on the state of Michigan? We’re in the middle of a, “What in the actual fuck?” moment over here. And we’re just focused on the presidential election. We’re putting aside all the Covid lockdown stuff. That’s its own craziness.

We’re talking about Dominion voting machines, Electors being blocked from the capitol by state police…stuff like that.

Let’s start with the police NOT letting Republican electors in the building. Yeah, you read that right. (RELATED: Michigan Judge Allows Release of Forensic Exam of 16 Dominion Voting Machines)

From what we gather, several states were casting their electoral votes for Trump in an effort to investigate possible election fraud. Here’s where we get to Dominion voting.

There was an audit of some Dominion machines in Antrim. When the results were finally made public (which was its own insanity) they found an error rate of 68%. Yes, 68%. Which leads us back to WTF?!

Of course there’s pushback on these findings from Dominion. Ya think? With a supposed error rate of 68%? Yeah, I’d be pushing back too. LOL. Check out this article from the Detroit Free Press.

In summary, Michigan has police keeping Republican electors from entering the capitol building and some voting machines that MIGHT have an error rate of 68%. WTF?

Oh…let’s not forget the wonderful lockdowns that are destroying small businesses too. What is going on in Michigan?

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5 comments on “WTF Is Going On in Michigan?

  1. Todd Jones says:

    Yeah, nothing to see here minions. Hahaha love your show.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      HA!! Thanks! Glad you’re diggin it!

  2. MJ Belko says:

    I live in Michigan. We’re desperately trying to get Whitmer recalled.
    There is an event scheduled in Lansing this weekend to protest Whitmer’s behavior. I suspect she’ll extend the lockdown again to punish us. She’s done it before. Nothing we do seems to make a dent. I have genuine fear this is going to get bloody very soon. Our Republican-led state legislature has done nothing to help us.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      Good luck. Gotta be tough dealing with that craziness.

    2. Michael Loftus says:

      I think we need to do a couple things: Get more people involved and get louder. Much louder. We also need to be very vocal about violence not being a solution. I’m trying to be pretty loud on that front. Nobody want’s any violence. Only make things worse.

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