‘Wonder Woman 1984’ – Opening Scene [VIDEO]

Sooo…that’s the opening scene to Wonder Woman 1984. Ok…let me say this: I hope I’m wrong, but this don’t look so good. I’m definitely getting that “yikes” feeling.

Granted, maybe they still have work to do. Like on the computer graphics on some of those stunts in the arena. Those were…not great? We’ll leave it at that. (RELATED: ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ – Trailer [VIDEO])

Let’s say something nice. It was great to see Robin Wright! She’s awesome. We love her character. Hooray for flashbacks!

Now this is more of a glorified trailer in all honestly. Zero plot. Supposedly lots of hype. Wasn’t feeling ANY of the hype. If anything, I leaned towards cringe, then it morphed into “yikes.” That kicked in big time when Kristen Wiig showed up with her “animal print’ joke. That was 100 percent awful.

Jokes kill these franchises. When you have a villain played by an SNL alum who is so famously funny? You can’t take her seriously. It kills the tension every time she’s on screen. That’s no good for a film that needs tension to work.

So I hope I’m wrong. But…yikes.

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  1. Paul Hair says:

    Looks pretty bad.

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