Blacklist the Communists Who Want to Blacklist Trump Officials

Our communist rulers are increasingly calling for society to blacklist Trump administration officials. In response to this, I demand that society blacklist them instead.

Government officials, celebrities, folks in the book publishing industry, political pundits, and all sorts of other filth are brazenly calling for corporations and people in every type of industry to refuse to hire or do business with Trump administration officials. The communists are self-righteously declaring that their targets are “evil” and “treasonous” while they (who actually are evil and treasonous) are the “good guys.” (RELATED: The Communist Revolution: A Short Story)

Conservatives generally have replied to this with desperate pleas to stop. And they follow that up with crying about how, “No one should be blacklisted.” This is the wrong response.

The correct response to communists demanding that society blacklist non-communists is to reject it and demand that society do it to them. Seriously, I don’t buy the conservative belief that no one should be blacklisted. It’s wrong to do it to people who don’t deserve it but it’s right to do it to evil people.

“But Paul, who gets to decide who’s evil? Hmmmmm! Did you ever think of that?”

Of course I did. We constantly make decisions between right and wrong in our lives. So do it for blacklisting too.

So that’s the answer to all the communists demanding that society blacklist Trump administration officials. Reject their demand and then insist that society blacklist them.

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