‘Hip to Be the Sandman’ – James Hetfield and the News. Mash-ups as Art. [VIDEO]

It’s so perfect and funny it almost makes us feel dirty. Take equal parts Metallica and Huey Lewis and the News, stir gently and enjoy.

We love a good mash-up but this one goes to a whole different level. Yes, it’s funny to have two songs with the same chord progression and tempo that kind of sound alike. However, when you mix super serious metal with the upbeat optimism of Huey Lewis? Now you have something great. Juxtaposition and hilariousness!! Woo hoo! Hope you dig this as much as us. It’s brilliant. (RELATED: Do Yourself a Favor & Check Out Shakey Graves)

Then you have the other side of the coin. Two songs that just kinda fit together in a cool way. Check this out. Pretty awesome too. But in a “who’d think to put those together?” kind of way.

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